Schizophrenia : A Very Short Introduction


Schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood disorders in the society. It is commonly known for symptoms that are stereotypically associated with ‘madness’. However, it is also the most common among the severe disorders, with almost 1 million cases per year in India.

The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental disorders (DSM - 5) characterises schizophrenia as a range of cognitive, behavioural and emotional dysfunctions. Individuals with this disorder have a disconnect with reality, and may experience a gradual withdrawal from the world & themselves as well as symptoms like hallucinations (false perceptions) and delusions (false beliefs). It is most likely to occur between the ages of 16-30, however, exceptions are possible.

The book is an extremely comprehensive guide which will give the reader an understanding of all aspects of Schizophrenia, in turn providing a strong foundation for further areas of research & exploration. The authors discuss a variety of topics ranging from the conception and history, probable causal factors as well as possible treatment avenues. It provides extensive case studies collected over the years as well as recent developments in research. Moreover, certain topics allow the reader to not only better understand the distress experienced by a person battling schizophrenia, but also manage to challenge our perception about the disorder itself.

Highly recommended for individuals in all sectors of Mental health, individuals curious to better understand the disorder as well as those who have friends or family battling schizophrenia.However, it must be noted that this book does not substitute for seeking professional help & also does not provide *tips* to deal with the disorder (on your own).

If you or someone you know you is struggling with schizophrenia, Please contact a Psychiatrist or a Clinical Psychologist as soon as possible. 

Book Details:
Written by Christopher Firth and Eve C. Johnstone
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Pages: 169
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