Dont Pull My Cheeks!



This is a story narrated by Bibloo, you can call him Bibs (if you are his friend). He's an 8-year-old, who's on a quest to stop his uncle from pulling his cheeks, every time he visits. This simple, yet beautiful story would most likely resonate with every child, specially if you grew up in India and will manage to inculcate a sense of ownership of their own body in the child.

The book tackles the major issue of consent and manages to convey it in a way that is not daunting and extremely relatable to adults and children alike. The author provides a sense of realness and is able to convey a message that is often lost, 'it is okay to say no!'. The art style and font used also enriches the story in unexpected ways, and make one more & more curious about Bibs ways to tackle the situation.

If we had to recommend one book that you MUST purchase from The Irrelevant Project, it would be this one. You can also find activities related to the story at the end of the book and in a downloadable PDF on their website, for a more in-depth discussion about consent and problem solving. 


Book Details:
Written by Meghna Chaudhury
Illustrated by Pranita Kocharekar
Pages: 23
Reading Level: Under Age 9
Price: 223 INR
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