Annie & Arjun


The book is about two siblings, Annie & Arjun who don’t get enough time to play together. They have to do daily chores/duties around the house, and they notice that Annie does more tasks than Arjun, which makes her too tired to play with him. Arjun also wants to try the chores done by Annie & vice versa. So, they sit down and device a solution which involves the whole family.

The book approaches the issue of gender inequality, that we might unknowingly ingrain in our children in the early years of their life. It also emphasises that the children do have an ability to recognise discrimination and also discover solutions. The book provides a way for parents to tackle these inequalities first hand, as well as encourage the children to question them outside their home.

In typical style of some other Irrelevant project books ( currently published), the book is full of colour & uses age-appropriate font, which makes this book a light read despite the serious topic is aims to cover. 

Book Details:
Written by Varsha Varghese
Illustrated by Trisha Maniar
Pages: Approximately 28
Reading Level: Ages 7/8-10
Price: 223 INR
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