Let Go - It Might Save Your Life!

We’ve all encountered the hype around decluttering one way or the other in the last few months, with youtube videos, blog posts and a Netflix series. Even though this concept of decluttering in not really new, but it seems to have gathered a lot more media attention off late. And the hype or not, we think you should try it too… in whichever way you prefer.

Here’s why.


Having too many things is not only unnecessary, it also wastes a lot time, promotes inefficiency and increases a variety of negative feelings like anxiety. In a study published in 2011, in the Journal of Neuroscience, it was observed that the more things we have in our field of vision, the more difficulty we have in paying attention due to our brain having to divide attention among a larger number of things.

And we’ve all been in situations when we are running late & we can’t find something because there’s too many things to look through, and we feel frustrated, agitated & worked up. This clutter could also be for your desktops & laptops, we have hundreds & thousands of files, folders & photos we’ve saved but we never even look at them.

What is their purpose?

Just because we have ‘space’, do we need to fill it? Ask yourself, what exactly is the point of keeping things you never use? Why not give it to someone who can use it, someone who truly needs it?

And the task itself is not too difficult once you get the hang of it, you can use any method to sort out & organise your material possessions. We personally, having researched & experimented with various decluttering & organising methods for years, love the KonMari method for number of reasons.

  • She doesn’t ask you to go out & buy more organisers or  things to organise your things. You use the boxes you have in your home, & only buy organisers IF you need them.

  • Her goal is not to make you throw things away just because you SHOULD. She suggests you only KEEP things that make you happy, that spark joy. So, if you want to keep 300 books like us, because they make you happy, keep them!

  • And her whole process is overall more positive, you treat what you have with love & care, be grateful for what you have, and thank the items you have decided to let go.

  • Finally, if you do get around to trying the KonMari Method, make sure you go in the order she suggests, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier (here are links for the Netflix show & some books).


Once you’ve managed to declutter & organise, make sure you try to become a more mindful consumer. Try to purchase only what is necessary & repair, re-use, recycle whenever you can!


Letting go can be difficult, specially if it’s a person or a habit that we’ve lived with for years, even if we know that it’s not useful, even if we know it’s toxic. Identifying unhealthy relationships can be a challenge, but accepting that they are harmful & need to be ended is quite a task in itself. If you feel a lack of support, an imbalance of power or feel used & if your partner jeopardises your mental health & so forth, your relationship might be toxic. And this other person may or may not be a bad person, but they sure are not good for you, and it is important to let them go or seek therapy to improve the relationship. Negative people are not only making your life difficult, but they can have an influence on your physical health as well, by weakening your immune system!


Similarly, there are unhealthy behaviours that we might be engaging in, that we may be unaware of, that sabotage our growth & progress. It is important to identify them & let go or correct them to have a better quality of life. Talking to friends & family, or seeking professional help might be extremely beneficial when we are trying to target unhealthy beliefs & attitudes.

We hope you take away something from this. If nothing else, just remember that things & people that don’t serve a purpose in your life, don’t deserve a place in it.

And here are your *super adorbs* reminders to declutter & chill.

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Illustrations by Shreyaa Krritika Das