Testing New Waters

A few months ago, we discussed the importance of self-care – feeling comfortable & being able to give yourself the rest. This month, we are trying something new, that’s equally important for continued growth – risk-taking and moving out of the comfort zone.

We don’t mean unnecessary or big risks like jumping onto moving traffic or Investing all your money without proper research, we mean calculated risks that ensure you stay challenged and that life doesn’t get too monotonous.

Getting out of the comfort zone can be extremely nerve-wracking, but here are some benefits.

  • You learn something about yourself - be it likes or dislikes

  • Have new experiences - You get to meet new people & have the opportunity to try new things

  • Learn to deal with Challenges - We get to exercise our creativity, which in turn also improves our self confidence and self esteem

  • Helps reduce fear of change - Overtime we improve resilience & become adaptable as well as more open to opportunities

  • Growth - Failures, mistakes & rejections can be learning opportunities which enable growth

  • Create new boundaries - create an environment where we continue to grow & expand our boundaries


Now, we know what lies outside of our comfort zone. So, what do we do to step out?

  • Try to new restaurant or cafe, or just even order a new drink. Try a new fruit. Try a different genre of book/music.

  • Start a conversation with someone new or a colleague you don’t normally talk to. Maybe give them a genuine compliment.

  • Take a class or start a new hobby.

  • Try taking a different route than your usual one every now & then.

  • Do something you previously thought you wouldn’t be able to do or agree to something you wouldn’t normally consider.

  • Practise expressing your disagreements regularly (in a civil way, of course!)


Try to give these a chance. We know it might be difficult in the beginning but trust us something good might come out of it.
Just make sure you have some fun !!

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Illustrations by Shreyaa Krritika Das